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Turn a one-in-six chance into a bullseye every time. A strong piece of mentalism that fits in your pocket and can be used as a simple prediction or an incredible force. From one of the minds on the bleeding edge of practical mental effects, this is Discovery by Spooky Nyman.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a handful of beautiful silk-screened poker chips marked one through six. The magician mixes up the chips face-down and randomly puts one in their pocket. The spectator can freely name any number from one to six. The remaining poker chips are revealed and the only one missing bears the exact number named by the spectator.

Discovery uses a special set of poker chips and clever handling with no sleight of hand, making this amazing effect possible. In addition to the gimmicked chips, you will also receive a special gimmick that makes the reveal second nature with just a little practice. This effect has been a go-to gimmick for Spooky in his walk-around gigs and gets great reactions. This is a deeply fooling piece of mentalism that can be used on its own or used to add to your existing effects to make them even more impossible. Don’t just guess at your spectator’s thoughts, have them revealed to you with Discovery by Spooky Nyman.