First Class

  • First Class

"Spooky is one of my favourite magicians/people in the world and the version of this trick I saw filled me with a very special pleasure. It’s enormously versatile and beautifully routined." - Derren Brown

"Such a unique way to force something. Makes a change from what's already out there! Good job Mr Nyman! I like!" - Angelo Carbone

"First Class is an extremely fair and fooling way to force absolutely anything! Brilliant thinking behind this." - Christian Grace

"A brilliantly smart method with a wonderful presentation and plenty of ideas for more. It’s only limited by your imagination. Spooky teaches you everything you need to know, in depth with loads of ideas and performance tips. I can see this becoming part of many magicians repertoire" - Chris Cox

First Class is a bold new method of forcing absolutely anything. This version comes with a beautiful travel theme, but the tutorial fully explains how this can be customised to force anything in the world.

Here’s what happens:

You display a set of beautiful vintage cards displaying travel destinations from all around the world from your audience. Then you place a prediction face down on the table. Each of the travel destinations is also accompanied by a number. The audience is invited to freely choose any one of the numbers. Their selection is counted out, removed from the packet of cards and displayed for all to see. When the prediction is turned over, it matches the travel destination they selected every single time.

First Class is a powerful piece of mentalism that works one on one or for small groups of people. It packs small and plays big. You receive custom gimmicked cards that feature beautiful mid-century airline-inspired artwork that is instantly captivating to your audience. The spectator’s selection is a genuinely free choice, and the prediction is right 100% of the time. The routine is easy to do, with almost no sleight of hand. Add a touch of class to your close-up mentalism when you perform First Class by Spooky Nyman.